ShuTing (aka naiveboy/girl) lives and works in Shanghai. She works in a architecture design studio as daily life, and DJing at clubs sometimes. She launched her party label LIMINAL in 2021, attempting to explore eternal and fundamental questions without frills and rules.


“These melodic or atmospheric pieces may be a collection of very intuitive feelings; Perhaps the real power of tenderness, because it is not the stimulating impact of the moment, but infiltrating and not easily to be perceived; when it starts to be perceived, it has already been everywhere.

The return of imagination to the everyday for me is a momentary extension of different feelings, sometimes personal, sometimes from touching different worlds; In those moments, is pure and selfless, temporarily into a free and gentle world.”

Track List

pauciloquent – miss jay
a ribbon for red lana – 7038634357
blue dusk – laughing ears
list of fallen angels – jjjacob
love&reb1111rth – x/o (toxe remix)
sugar – coals
samuel – oklou (nick león edit)
foreword feat. LJC – dirty k
eye ignite ft.0comeups – dark0
wonder2 – mbv
heads will roll / I will devour you – felicita
m2 performance enhancer – mssingno
dog fear – dj corpmane
always with me – youmi kimura