Kilo Vee started DJing in The Shelter, Shanghai. When the legendary underground music stronghold ceased to exist, he wandered throughout the city nights until he gradually established a personal style, absorbing and perfecting new elements of fusion and splicing. His high tolerance for club, experimental, grime, and other different styles allow him to render various atmospheres and satisfying shaking heads at the party and trembling membranes in the speakers. Named by Dazed as the North Star of Shanghai’s club scene. His DJ set on the first floor of Berghain was described by Fact as “not a deconstruction of anything, but getting rid of the shackles of traditional music genres and rebuilding an inspiring atmosphere.”


“Asking me to explain the meaning of my set just like asking me why I am living. it’s a good question for artists but always a hard one for me. This mix is just my personal feelings in recent daily life. Music for me is still things between good friends. The title is meaningless for public but I did tell the words behind? To my close one lol. ”

Track List

julek ploski – ja wuef
Chino Amobi – Darling Street (Toxic)
Fatshaudi – Avril’s Wedding
maxtaylor – pink lemonade
Lil Wayne X Aphex Twin – Stuntin’ Like My Daddy (Onhell Remix)
Charity – Unreleased
DETENTE – In My Dreams Part 2
Himera – Keep This Between Us
shushu – Unreleased
Croatian Amor & Varg2TM – 冰冷 (ft. Charity SsB & Exploited Body)
Salem – Better Off Alone
DMX + Dru Hill – What They Want (lawd knows lento boot)
Ariana Grande – One Last Time (Folkhälsan edit)
LJC- Unreleased
DJ Corpmane – ye qu grind (jay chou x neptunes)
QQBBGg&Kelvin T – Unreleased
Anima – No Air
Bloodzboi – Unreleased
XDD – Text me Before the Party
500 – Touch The Sky
Yen Tech – Tesserae
tumy – Don’t Follow The Lights
Eartheater – How To Fight
FAUNESS – Soon There Will Be No Summer