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The name ÖÖÖ is not derived from any particular language, but only repeats its own body Ö in a glyphic way.
It is also a trigger to encourage individuals’ creativity and contribution to a new language. By seeing the
character ÖÖÖ, viewers can represent their own ideas or meanings associated with it.

It is an ideal way to illuminate the inner spirit of this project – allowing the freedom of any creative forms,
appreciating the ability to break the traditional frame of knowledge and information in society, finding the
primitive and essential creative pleasure of human being. In this case, we could redefine ‘artists’ without a
critical academic gaze. Everyone could create ‘arts’ by utilizing their immense inner power. For now, we want
to highly focus on these young and raw energies that randomly growing up aside, here.

ÖÖÖ aims to establish a formal platform for self-initiative / underground artists, away from the
‘upper-class traps’ in the art market, we would love to present boundless appearances of initiative spirit through
artist interviews, rave events, music podcasts and releases. Whether in a form of utopia or dystopia or both,
we are going to be back to our origin in future continuous tense. Now on, it is in progress.

Evoking the rawest creativity in human nature, ÖÖÖ is growing in primitive future.



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ig – @o.o.o._landscape