Xi’an DJ RVE is a mainstay Club JAR. He is also the co-founder of The Boring Room’s bass organization. Since its establishment, he has been actively promoting all types of “not boring” music locally and in many cities abroad, bringing a new global sound through media and parties.

You can tell right away from his release on Genome 6.66Mbp recent compilation that RVE is not limited by traditional style. Whether it’s hammering machine gun drums or devastating noise, his contemporary, inventive consciousness permeates through his music; a devotion to attack driven aesthetics. His work has been broadcast on Rinse FM many times. He was also invited to release mixtapes on Radar Radio in London, NTS Radio, NewNewWorld Radio in Moscow, and Stock71 in Paris. His unique mixing style has not only led him to be invited to perform many times by well-known organizers and clubs across the country but has also transmitted his sound across many European countries, including the notorious Macao in Milan.



Track list

Lawrence Lek – Welcome to SoMA w/ Seth Scott
John Vitesse – Mazda Rx7
Yon Eta – My Beyonce
ANIMA – Swallowed by bird
703 – Spring cleaning and Watching the fireworks
Eterna – june
Eera- Love2020
Slowmotiondancer – Mouthguard
Space Afrika – kitty 2
Samuel Organ & Cole Longanecker – Shine Marsh
luxxuryproblems – water + nature
Triad God – I Never Told You (WHY BE Remix)
jjjacob – Reminiscence
500 & ANIMA – You Are A VERY Radiant Star
Internazionale & Lana Del Rey – To Seek Safety In Other People (True Freedom Remix)
crimson chaos – There Was Nothing