Anh Phi (Cako) is a Vietnamese French music producer, DJ, filmmaker.
He is co-founder of Saigon-based music collective and record label Gãy.

Instagram:@anhphicako / @nhac_gay

“This mix deconstructs the chiaroscuro ethos from Renaissance era and expressesit through a sonic form. It is a evolving play on contrasts: lights and darkness, soft and hard, classical and modern, organic and electronic, joyful and mellow, slow and fast, human and digital, east and west, tension and release…

One would not exist without its opposite, empowering each other mutually.”

Track list

Ubu Boi – Hide
Patrick Belaga – Burned
7038634357 – A Ribbon for Red Lana
Otro – Dance Of The Young (Augurs Of Spring)
Gooooose – IonParaadiso – Unisono
Koreless – White Picket Fencer
Rắn Cạp Đuôi – Aztec Glue
Cando – Ambivalence
Ovid – Selay
Galtier – Phantasiai
Doubt – Soilse
Lithe – Nos
Sorcery – Mirrors Of Perception
Bungalovv – Acid Arrows
Malarone – À l’Ombre Du Futur
Nahash – The Horns ft. Osheyack
Aka Fetish – Post-Bloom
Anetha – 05h33 (Adagio, Piano Sonata No. 14, “Moonlight”)
Cloud – Necropolis Gate
Sligo – Aurora (DJ IBON remix)
Howie Lee – 偶像的黎明 (Dawn Of The Idols)
Broosnica – 2.5 Dido