Wristboi has been working with music all of his life. He was classically trained as a Violinist until he was a teenager and started making musical collages after high school.

His productions have continually shifted – reflecting his emotional journey through life. His artistic vision isn’t curated and his aesthetic is inconsistent– his music doesn’t try to make a point or define a perspective, it simply is an outlet for his cluttered thoughts and feelings. You can expect his future work to be spontaneous and equally non-linear, just puddles of his emotional content.

Instagram: @wristboi
Track List

(Y U DO DAT INTERLUE x wyrdo wristboi edit) – KAMIXLO
Burning Birdge – Yawning Portal
Lacerations – wristboi
Me Porto Bonito- (wristboi’s summers end version)
Wyrdo – Palmistry
Mr. Brightside Suicidal Comedown Edit – Sueuga
I fall apart – Angel Steele X Get Lost – Kanye West
Fairy Tales – Syntrovert
Hay que sufrirle para dejarla – wristboi
never be alone – wristboi
angels pon high – wristboi
depth charge – wristboi X unpretty – wristboi
what it do – wristboi
Third eye activation exercise – Anima
Arctic Moon – quit life
cops patrolling – wristboi
masamune – Colle (unreleased) wristboi remix
need me – wristboi
MACHiNE DF – wristboi
emotional – flirty 800
where’s tha angels – wristboi
right nownahnah wristboi live edit
How to Save One Life (The Fray x Malibu x Evian Christ) – Estoc