Jabes is a producer and artist from the North of England who lives in London. 

Instagram: @j.abes_

“This mix encapsulates a lot of thoughts and feelings I’ve been having vaguely about landscape, trauma, history, ritual, magic, and how all these things come together, coexist, and haunt our environment. It’s largely inspired by a film called Penda’s Fenn where an adolescent boy with a very closed and conservative mindset has his ideas about sexuality, authority, and religion called into question when he begins having visitations from an ancient pagan spirit that resides around his village. ”

Track List

Svarte Greiner – Hellebore 

Lionel Marchetti – La grande vallée

Călin Ioachimescu – Oratio II 

Klaus Schultze – Dream Theme 

Graindelavoix – Queste non son più lagrime

BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa – Góða Nótt 1

Headlock – Premier 

Klein – Never Die 

Lil B – Death 

Aine O’Dwyer – The Feast of Fools 

Arv & Miljö – Kvar bland jordens grus 

John Cage – The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs 

Popol Vuh – Mantra 1