Multidisciplinary, Shanghai based Sky Auto has been join the music scene since 2016. Originally bonding with his friend Alan through shared apathy that the neighborhood subculture was contrived and void of purpose.

Sky Auto’s dj set is about conversation. It’s not about performing a perfect DJ set to feel good about yourself, and it’s not about delivering what an audience expects you to play. Relationships are about challenging each other. The wonderland of the music journey with imperfect performance.


“Sound journey, image conversation, logic perspective, panic attack, memory glue, float and forgot, auto SKY AUTO”

Track list

Dedekind Cut – Integra
光の里 – An Insomniac Lost In a Sleepless Town (Unmixed)
Sydney City Huma – Strange Transmissions From Enceladus – Part 2
CÉCI – Lost (Kid Smpl Remix)
Yves Tumor – Limerence
Arthur Russell – Soon-To-Be Innocent Fun / Let’s See
We Were Here – Absence
Inkasso – Art Des Rassels
Woodsman – Beat The Heat
Bruce – Before You Sleep
Trevor Lee Larson – Our Building On Fire
Robert Bergman – Wiwi
Пурпурный Дядя – Sennya’sin Brahmacharya
Enternet Boy – Yoes
Rabit – Let Moss Be Moss
David Estrin – Swear
Yung Bukkake – mo mo mo (Allergy Season Radio cut)
Former Selves – Cosmic Consciousness
Skin Town – F4DED
Bela – Finite Numbers
Elysia Crampton – Soft Opening Dan Bodan demo/DJ sketch extended [2012]
Pictureplance – Post Physical (Fire For Effect’s Post Grave Remix)