“ I’m based in the unlivable Paris. I appreciate to curate sounds among several genres (techno/chicago house/ghettotech/ambient/experimental/hiphop/disco), in order to create more or less homogeneous aggregations. What an immense pleasure to be able to enjoy by hearing thanks to the amalgam of carefully selected sounds. Finally, what I prefer most of all is to have fun and to put my ideas in motion via various softwares.”

Instagram: @Zéphyriël

“I am very happy to deliver a special mix to the very unique ÖÖÖ label. Here is 1h of ‘ethereal techno’ that I love so much. I usually listen to this kind of ambient music when I need to calm my inner boils. It’s called ‘Monomyth’ and I hope you’ll enjoy again my hearing of the underworld. This is a tribute to the mythical Joseph Campbell. He was an amazing mythologist of the 20th century. He dedicated his life to finding the common denominator of all mythologies. According to him, there would be a universal structuring of the mythological narratives, that is a global hero with multiple faces. So, a common thread with multiple variations. Obviously, we can contest the deterministic aspect of his postulate and claim the uniqueness of human cultures, but we can find the universal in the human imagination and creativity. Indeed, many prehistoric cultures have simultaneously had similar creative ideas if we think for example of the petroglyphs. We could succinctly conclude that each human possesses the capacity of imagination and creation. All would depend on the weight of its context which would have more or less put it in sleep.” 

Track List

sds – le jardin de mes parents
Interlude – Jasper Jarvis remix
Luz Verdadera – apnea
Kørper – Lunar satellite
Sucedania – glace
Arté – solar bridge
Celes – café
Arté – clear sky
Islyz – wet afternoon
4TUNA – pryatki
pranch – submergence
Mads Kinnerup – stream
4TUNA – puddles always trying to say something
Ichiro Tannimoto – geosmin
qwqwqwqwa – angel energy
Djynxx – https://soundcloud.com/malibu76883/one-life-evian-christ remix
7777 – I Felt The Golden Gates
Hugo Calcio – trust issues
Dino Spiluttini – Trust In Me