IVVVS incorporates his feelings and emotions in his music, ranging from sadness, longing, expectation, and hope. Throughout his work, he is always trying to find a balance between darkness and light. While combining elements of genres such as Club, Grime and Bass he creates his own unique style and sound. The Russian producer and DJ is currently based in Istanbul and working on releasing his 2nd EP with Ice_Eyes. You can listen to his mixes on Ma3azef, Rinse France, Noods Radio, JEROME and HKCR.


“In this mix, i wanted to show my real feelings and emotions: from something dark and cold to something very warm and happy.for this mix, i chose a few tracks that i like recently + i played a few unreleased tracks from my friends.”

Track list

Jennifer Walton x Iceboy Violet – Unreleased
S280F – 111/37/1112/270
Slikback – EXTENT
Rắn Cạp Đuôi Collective – Images
Know V.A. – Obvi (ft. YAYOYANOH)
DÆMON – Climaxx prod. Jæce
SCHISM – Star Grain
Icy Flame – Astray (rapture)
AN System – Agressivo
Hitmakerchinx – Watermelon
Lil Asaf – Nasiii (ft. Achraf)
Ytem – Unreleased
Salem – Crisis
Khemist – Suicideboy SRA Edit
Moa Pillar, Ушко – Gasolina (Wulffluw XCIV Remix)