ÖÖÖ PODCAST 001 ben tian|Solar & Stary Splash


Ben Tian is a graphic designer based in Shanghai also as one of the members of ÖÖÖ. He has produced event poster designs for artists such as Ben UFO, Pearson Sound, Pangaea, Hodge, Bok Bok, DJ Stingray, Hodge, Alva Noto, Matrixxmann, etc. Ben is obsessed with any music that originates from the Disco style, specially Techno and Italo-Disco are his favorites.


“I want to compile a mix with tracks that has great influence on my musical journey. The mix starts with most 90s airy Techno & House tracks with hints of Electro, Breakbeat & Trance, then flows to some of my favourite non-jacking Chicago House tracks.

Italo-Disco is my favourite music style of all time so I always try to throw some Italo-flavoured tunes in my mixes, even though technically I’m still trying to learn to mix Italo tracks properly haha. The mix ends with one of my favourite tracks, Davourite by Electric Dragon, which I heard I-F play at Zeezout 2015 edition, which is still probably my most cherished dancing experience. Hope you would enjoy the mix ;)”



The Bermuda Triangle – Nova
Sensurreal – Astral Black
Aaron Palmquist – Dreamtime
Johnick – Johnick Planet
E.S.P. – It’s You
Gemini – Z. Funk
Low Tape – East Dancer
Dutch Dream Girls – Mila In Kiev
Wolfram – Paradise Tea
Barbara Doust – If You Love Somebody
Ken Scott – Dancer
Electrick Dragon – Davorite